Easy dinner with potatoes and chicken.

Easy Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

A complete Christmas dinner menu with recipes for stuffing casserole, meat, potatoes, dessert and juice. These Christmas food ideas are easy and quick to prepare.

Dinner table set up with salad, juice, meat and potatoes.

How to Prepare Christmas Dinner Menu

  • 2-3 weeks in advance decide what to serve for appetizer, dinner, dessert and drink.
  • Decide on how many people will you invite.
  • Think about food preferences of your guests or food traditions, for example we don’t eat meat on Christmas Eve.
  • Up to 1 week prepare your grocery list and you can also do your shopping.
  • Cook food the day before that can be stored overnight, for example desserts. You can also marinate the meat.
  • On the day of Christmas party, decorate the table and start preparing the food.
Christmas food menu with stuffing, salad and meat.
Cranberry juice, lettuce salad and cheesecake.

What to make for Christmas Dinner

Slow cooker chicken with gravy for dinner.
Mushroom sauce and chicken.

Other Christmas Food Ideas

Eggnog cheesecake and cranberry juice.
Dinner menu Vegetarian stuffing, mushroom sauce and chicken.
Christmas dinner menu with potatoes and chicken.

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  1. Yummy Christmas menu. I left a bit for the last minute our preparation and was looking for something easy to cook. It looks like the stuffed chicken is the best option for Christmas dinner.

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