Milky Ice Cream

Milky Ice Cream by ilonaspassion.com
My Children eat ice cream very often, they will choose them instead of other treats. Recently I was looking for any recipe for just milky ice cream.. and I could not find anything that it will suit me, I did not want to make them to heavy or with ingredients that I do not want my children to eat very often. I came up with this recipe and I think it is best what I can serve them… it is creamy and not so heavy, because I used some dry milk mixed with water in addition to heavy cream and sweet condensed milk.
Milky Ice Cream by ilonaspassion.com
   1 1/2 cup heavy cream
   1 cup warm water
   1/2 cup dry milk
   1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
In a medium pan mix dry milk with warm water. Heat a little, but do not boil, mix all the time. Take it out from the heat and cool off. It has to be cooled off completely in order to use it for this recipe. Mix together with sweetened condensed milk for few minutes. In a separate bowl, beat heavy cream until thick. Fold heavy cream to the mixture. Freeze at least 8 hours.

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